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3D LED letters made of aluminum

Product code:

Letters and three-dimensional signs are made in the system of bent aluminum tape

follow the outline of the letter.

The face of the letter or sign is cut from white plexiglass, 4 mm thick, covered with a translucent foil in any color.

The side of the letter or sign is covered with aluminum tape in any color with a standard width of 120 mm.

The back of the letter or sign is cut out of 10 mm PVC on which we place led diodes.

Signs in this technology can be made from 30 cm to 150 cm.

Larger characters or letters are made in the technology of a flexible face with an internal substructure.

Sample price in a box for a 50 cm high letter.

For the valuation, we need your logotype in JPG / photka with the basis of the entire sign.

Net price for 1 pc.: 94,78 EUR
Gross price for 1 pc.: 116,58 EUR
Quantity in package: 1
Net price: 94,78 EUR
Gross price: 116,58 EUR

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