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logo for the reception desk
  • logo for the reception desk
  • logotype at the reception desk
  • front desk led logo
  • logo behind the reception desk
  • LED illuminated letters at the reception desk
  • company logo reception
  • led trademark
  • led logo
  • logo with led backlight
  • branding on the reception desk
  • Illuminated company logo
  • company logo at the entrance
  • led advertising at the reception
  • logo in the form of letters on the reception desk
  • LED letters at the reception
  • logo for the hotel
  • luminous trademark
  • logo in the office at the reception
  • Plexiglass logo
  • light advertising at the reception
  • light advertising
  • Plexiglass letters at the reception desk
  • aluminum trademark
  • aluminum letters
  • letters in the reception hall
  • aluminum letters
  • aluminum letters company logo
  • steel letters in the reception hall
  • light letters on the wall at the reception desk
  • steel trademark
  • heavy steel company logo
  • letter illuminated with LED diodes
  • letters for reception
  • moss logo on the reception desk
  • company logotype made of live moss
  • corporate logo made of moss moss
  • plexiglass reception logo
  • brushed steel logo on the staircase
  • brushed aluminum logo on the reception desk
  • elegant steel logo at the reception desk
  • exclusive steel logo at the reception
  • hotel logotype at the entrance to the reception

logo for reception

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Logo for the reception desk made according to an individual project -SEND A PROJECT / INQUIRY at biuro@investmedia.eu
Price for a sample photo in a box: acrylic glass combined with metal, silver or brushed gold.
Price for the size of the logo not exceeding: 100 x 100 cm
The logotype for the reception desk serves as a welcome sign at the very entrance to your company or hotel.

We provide professional assembly of logos or we send a packed company logotype taped on
double-sided 3M and a template for easy and quick assembly on your own.
Delivery by courier DHL, UPS not only in Europe.

Net price for 1 pc.: 200,08 EUR
Gross price for 1 pc.: 246,10 EUR
Quantity in package: 1
Net price: 200,08 EUR
Gross price: 246,10 EUR

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